​​​​​CNC & Conventional Subcontract Machining up to 10 tonnes

​Millbrook Precision Engineering Limited is a Subcontract Machining Company situated in the East Midlands of England. The business has many years experience in CNC machining, large CNC machining, heavy CNC machining, large CNC milling, large CNC boring and large CNC vertical boring for the following market sectors: Oil and Gas; Water treatment; Nuclear; Marine; Po​wer Generation; Aerospace; Automotive; Materials Handling; Mining; Food; Railway; Steel; M.O.D.; Mould Making; Toolmaking; other large machining companies and subcontract machining companies.

We are capable of supplying machining​ to your drawings and specifications to very high standards with full RARO ARM inspection.

Medium to Large CNC Machining

We can machine large or  small batches or one off machining up to 10 tones and 3000mm diameter or cubed. Please click on the image to see our capacity.

Machine Shop

​Millbrook Precision Engineering was formerly the machine shop of Bryan Donkin Co. Limited Chesterfield, Derbyshire. This company produced Gas valves, Compressors, Blowers etc for over 100 years. The employees of Bryan Donkin stayed with the company through its regeneration and continued to provide the excellent service and quality expected in the industry.
Millbrook Machining Capacity
Certificate Number: FS 569306 click above for a copy of our certificate
Machining Gallery