CNC and Conventional Machining Capacity

CNC Horizontal Turning Hankook 9NA Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Swing 1,150mm and 3,000mm b/c
Manual Turning Broadbent Heavy Duty Lathe Swing 1,168mm and 2,790mm b/c
CNC Vertical Machining AWEA Vertical Machining Centre X=2,000mm Y=1,200mm Z=760mm
CNC Horizontal Boring Union BFT130/7 Horizontal Boring & Milling X=2,785 Y=2,400 Z=2,345
Large Manual Horizontal Boring Sacem 130 MST Horizontal Boring & Milling X=3,000 Y=2,000 Z=3,000
Small CNC Horizontal Boring Union BFT105 Horizontal Boring & Milling X=1,250 Y=800 Z=1,250
CNC Vertical Boring Webster Bennett 4' CNC VTL Swing 1,540mm Length 1,250mm
Large Vertical Boring Richards 10' Vertical Boring - Swing 3,048mm Length 1,829mm
Manual Vertical Boring 6' Webster & Bennett VTL - Swing 2,083mm Length 1,450mm
Manual Vertical Boring 4' Webster & Bennett VTL - Swing 1,473 Length 1,500
CMM Inspection Faro Prime 2.4m 6 axis Arm with magnet mount & portable tripod
Lifting Capacity One 10 tonne and one 5 tonne overhead cranes.

In addition we have small turning, welding and sawing facilities.

Complete Supply Service
We can offer the complete supply of machined, tested, balanced, honed, assembled and painted components to Customer drawings.

Accreditations BSI Certificate FS569306