CNC Horizontal Turning XYZ Proturn VL425 257mm Swing, 700mm in Gap, 1250mm BC
CNC Vertical Machining Hurco VMX64Ti XP Machining Centre X=1625 x Y=864 x Z=762mm
CNC Double Column VMC AWEA Vertical Machining Centre X=2,000mm Y=1,200mm Z=760mm
Large CNC Horizontal Boring Union BFT130/7 Horizontal Boring & Milling X=2,785 Y=2,400 Z=2,345
Large Manual Horizontal Boring Sacem 130 MST Horizontal Boring & Milling X=3,000 Y=2,000 Z=3,000
Small CNC Horizontal Boring 2 Machines Horizontal Boring & Milling X=1,250 Y=800 Z=1,250
6' CNC Vertical Boring Turning ø2134mm x 1120mm high
4' CNC Vertical Turning 3 Machines Turning ø1829 mm x 1650 mm high
CMM Inspection Faro Prime 2.4m 6 axis Arm with magnet mount & portable tripod
Lifting Capacity One 10 tonne and one 5 tonne overhead cranes.
Certificate Number: FS 569306 click above for a copy of our certificate