​Machine Tool Protection Repair & Manufacture of Telescopic Slideway Covers and Swarf Conveyors. New equipment supplied by Tecnimetal in Italy.

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Plain Thermal Welded Bellows
Circular BellowsStandard Bellows
Thermal Welded Bellows & Metal Fins
Plastic Metal Bellows
Sewn Bellows
Rubber Bellows
Bellows with Telescopic Cover

Standard Telescopic Way Covers

Way Cover Repairs

Multispeed Modular way covers

Unispace Linear Way Covers

Unispace Orbital Way Covers

Multi Speed Way Covers

Plastic Cable Carriers

Stainless Steel Cable Carriers

Roll up Way Covers

T R S Roll up Covers

Shield Type Roll up Covers

Jumbo Roll up Cover

Slat Covers

Helical Metal Spring Guards

Hinged Belt Conveyors

Drag-Chain Conveyors

Magnetic Conveyors

Worm Screw

Belt Conveyors

Filtration Tanks